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Upcoming events and tools you can use to continue critical anti-hate work in your town. Sign up for NIOT e-News for the latest NIOT updates, and news from communities working together to stop hate and intolerance.

NIOT e-News May 2008

  • Organize a Screening of "A Dream In Doubt"
  • Third Annual Not In Our School Week in Palo Alto
  • Subscribe to the NIOT YouTube Channel
  • Construction Begins on
  • Big Year, Big Steps for NIOT-Billings

NIOT e-News March 2008

  • NIOT: Silicon Valley Leaders Gather to Address Hidden Bias
  • Not In Our School: Palo Alto High Students Respond to School Shooting of Larry King
  • Skidmore Students Launch "Not On Our Campus" Campaign
  • ISU Students and Labor Leaders Tell Hate Groups "Not In Our Town"
  • Patrice O'Neill Presents "Film as a Tool for Social Change" at Choosing to Participate Exhibit

NIOT e-News Alert: February 2008

  • Students Take Action Against Violence and Hate After 15-Year-Old Larry King is Killed at School
  • Five Things We Can Do To Speak Out Against Violence

NIOT e-News October 2007

  • Not In Our Hall: Preventing Hate Crimes on Campus
  • Watching West Virginia
  • Jena, LA
  • Not In Our School Update: Palo Alto Events
  • Letters to Logan County

NIOT e-News July 2007

  • Not In Our World: NIOT goes to Ukraine
  • Gay Youth Murdered in Greenville SC
  • Not In Our Town 2.0
  • A Great Funding Opportunity for NIOT Groups
  • Updates from NIOT Groups

NIOT e-News December 2006

  • First Not In Our Town National Gathering
  • More Love/Less Hate in '07
  • Looking Back: The Year in Review

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